Newsletter #1

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The Project

SINTRA – Achieving Sustainability through INTRApreneur-ship is a 24 months Erasmus+ project (KA2: Strategic Part-nerships for adult education) designed to provide an integrated support, tailored to the needs of organisations for the development of intrapreneurship-related skills, competences and attitudes among both employees and employers for improving the organisations’ sustainability.

The Project partners



Τhe project target groups are employers and employees from the Business, Civil and Gov-ernment sector who are interested to increase their organizations’ sus-tainability capacity through Intrapreneru-ship

Project objectives

  • To better understand of national and sectoral contexts in the field of environmental, social and eco-nomic sustainability from an intrapreneurial perspective and to identify existing gaps in the intrapre-neurial mindset at organisational level.
  • To elaborate an innovative training methodology, tools and material, combining the processes of sustainability-focused intrapreneurial training and counselling in a single, integrated approach, in order to enhance the environmental impact of organisations and their social and business sustaina-bility.
  • To address the needs of organisations by delivering pilot sustainability-oriented training workshops and counselling services, enhancing intrapreneurial efforts that might eventually lead to new or modified products and services with a positive sustainability impact.
  • To transfer the project results to other countries through setting up of an e-Learning Platform and to create an open innovation toolkit for sustainability focused intrapreneurship.


Expected Results

  • Gap Analysis of national and sectoral contexts in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability from an intrapreneurial perspective and identification of related Good Practices that may be used as educational resources for employers and employees.
  • Development of SINTRA curriculum, training approach, methodology and content for employees’ and employers’ sustainability-oriented intrapreneurial training.
  • Sustainability-focused intrapreneurship upskilling of employers and employees via the implementa-tion of training workshops and the provision of counselling services.
  • Development of an interactive e-Learning Platform, that will facilitate the pilot blended learning of the project’s target groups and the distance learning of interested employers and employees in sus-tainability-focused intrapreneurship after the project conclusion.
  • Development of an open innovation toolkit that will help employees in organisations to collect ideas and modify products, services and organisational processes to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable in social and economic terms.


Project news

SINTRA 1st transnational e-meeting
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, on 10 and 11 September 2020 the first transnational project e-meeting was successfully held on MS TEAMS.
During the 2-days meeting the partners’ representatives had the chance to discuss in details the pro-ject’s Intellectual Outputs development as well as several important aspects of Project technical and financial management.
The dissemination work package activities were also presented and discussed and several important decisions were made regarding the implementation of the project’s dissemination activities. Finally, the project’s quality assurance strategy and the project evaluation activities were also thoroughly presented by the Project Coordinator that set the basis for the project success.


Initiation of Intellectual Output 1 — “Good Practices and Gap Analysis”

The implementation of the “Sustainability through Intrapreneruship—National Studies and Good Practices Identification” in all project countries has initiated in October 2020. The initial stage of the SINTRA project implementation is about making an in-depth investigation of the national and sectoral settings for the development of environmental, social and economic sustainability, as well as the existing good practices in particular sectors with sustainability potential in the respective partner country, related to the positive effects that intrapreneurship can have on sustainability in one or more of its dimensions. This investigation, together with the gap analysis surveys and interviews, to be con-ducted as a next step within the framework of IO1 will serve the purpose of filling a gap in the system-atic mapping of sustainability-focused intrapreneurship-related training needs of employees and em-ployers in the partner countries.
The related national studies are expected to be concluded until mid November 2020 and will be upload-ed on the project’s website.

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